ALOHA! #hawaiiholiday


I’m in Hawaii! This trip has been over 15 years in the making. See when Mr.C and I got married we didn’t go on a honeymoon. We got married three months after we started dating. We bought matching wedding bands and toddled off to the Births, Deaths and Marriages office with very little fanfare. πŸ™‚ For our first anniversary I got an ‘engagement’ ring and Mr.C got a dress ring which I think he wore for all of five minutes before deciding it was annoying. πŸ˜† He also promised me he’d take me to Hawaii for our tenth anniversary. Flash forward a few years and a few kids and we’ve reached the magic ten and what do I get? An eternity ring. πŸ™ No trip. πŸ™


But let’s get back to THIS trip. It was supposed to be a family trip but two of the tribe, Son#1 & Princess&thePea, decided they didn’t want to go due to life, which meant Lady-in-waiting didn’t get to go either. πŸ™ Princes-not-charmed wasn’t interested either & Boxer-boy (Princess&thePea’s other half) didn’t even get a look in. So we’re taking The Kid (touch wood there will be no breakages) and Princess One (Lord help the shops). I wanted it to be a big family event to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary which is in June this year. Yeah, we’re early, sue me. πŸ™‚ Anyway……


we’re HERE!




For EIGHT days!


I’ll try to post pix to my TWITTER and FACEBOOK but as I’ll be having a hell of a lot of fun I may be distracted. πŸ™‚


And the fun doesn’t stop after eight days! Nope, The Kid and Princess One get to fly home and resume normal=mundane life and Mr.C and I fly on to LA to spend four days with Lila Dubois and FarmBoy before we jet off to theΒ  Romantic Times Convention in Kansas City. The convention is the reason we’re taking this trip to Hawaii earlier than our actual anniversary. Makes sense when you factor in the cost of the plane ride and the time it takes to get there. But you know I’d have been quite happy to take two trips. πŸ™‚


On a writing note, 7 Minutes In Heaven is finished and on my editors desk. I’ll let you all know details as soon as I get them. 7 is the fifth Party GamesΒ series book and I had fun playing with Luc and Cassie so I hope you all like them too. You can find some snippets up on my FACEBOOK page.


Don’t forget to check out my TWITTER and FACEBOOK steams for pix of my adventures in Hawaii and the Romantic Times Convention.


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