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Feeling old. Kinda.




It’s my birthday next week and I’m feeling old. So to cheer myself up I went looking for things that were older. I hit on things like the pyramids, the great barrier reef the ice and snow at the south pole…..but you know what I found out? The sun is 4.5 billion years old! I think for 4.5 billion years it looks pretty damn good and still does its job so there’s hope for me yet. :)


Knowledge is Power 2


Did you know a beaver’s teeth NEVER stop growing!


That could certainly be a mouthful……



Knowledge is Power 1


I’ve decided to stretch my mind and learn something new as often as I can. And because I’m a generous kinda girl I’m sharing my knowledge. :)


Did you know that SOPHOPHOBIA is the fear of learning? So do we have any ostriches here? ;)



Cover Reveal and Release Date!


So if you’re not signed up for my newsletter….first, why the hell not? and second, you missed out. :P

You see IF you had been on my newsletter list you’d have seen the cover reveal for the newly re-branded Coyote Hunger series.


As well as the re-release date.


AND a contest.


Wow. You really missed out huh? ;)


Better get signed up so you don’t miss out next time. (Signup is on the right sidebar at the top. You can’t miss it. :) )


Anyway, let’s get on with the reveal shall we?



 CoyoteHomeApp CoyoteWildApp CoyoteWhispersApp


What do you think? Personally I love them! And I’m thrilled to tell you that these three will be available once more January 16! Yep, Friday! They’re already up for pre-order at most places, click on each cover to go to the book pages to get the details of where. I’ll be adding the links as they go live. :)


AND because I finally have Home, Wild and Whispers available again I can reveal that I WILL be writing the last two books in the series. Already have the covers. :)



 CoyoteLiesApp CoyoteLawApp


I don’t have definite release dates for these yet but it WILL be this year! So excited to be getting back into the Whispering Mountains coyote pack.


Oh, and if you’re not on my newsletter list you should really get on it because they get all the good info first. :) And the contests. You don’t want to miss out again do you? You know next month is my birthday month right? I’m bound to be in a generous mood then and I like to share things with my readers so sign up now or you’ll be left out in the cold again. ;)




Red Light, Green Light: Are You Game? Bk3 Release Day! #newrelease


The third and final book in the Are You Game? series is here!


He glanced back in Kelsey’s direction. He was getting in the game.

West wasn’t sure how or when he made the decision, but he was going after Kels and was prepared to break every friend code there was to claim her as his.




Available from -


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ARe –


Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives – Virginia #newrelease

Ginny smiled. “You’re not interested in what I’m offering.”

Carter arched one eyebrow. “Oh. And what is it you’re offering?”

“Hot, sweaty, no strings sex.”

He laughed. A belly deep laugh that shook him from head to toe and took a moment to subside. “I hate to break it to ya, Princess, but every guy with a prick is after hot, sweaty, no strings sex.”





Get your copy –


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How about another little tease? :)



“Right here, Princess,” he whispered in her ear. “Right here driving you out of your mind.”


Virginia is the first episode in the Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives series. You can find out more about the series HERE!


You can also join us in the Housewives Lounge on FaceBook –


And don’t forget to take the Housewives Quiz to see which housewife you are –


Reveal – Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives #Sydneywives




To find out about the series head over to the Escape blog HERE!


Recently Read & Recommended #R&R


This week I’m shouting about HelenKay Dimon‘s latest Hanover brothers book – Long Way Home.


OMG!  I LOVE this series and I’ve waited for Callen’s story for….well it’s felt like forever. I confess, I opened Callen’s book thinking I’d read a couple of chapters before going to sleep. Oh, yeah, right. *snort* As if! I was up until 4am! I’ve loved all the Hanover brothers but I’ve had a soft spot for Callen because he just seemed to hold himself back. There was a mystery to him as well as a quiet misery and longing that just made me want to cuddle him and make it all better. Of course that was Grace’s job. ;)



The Hanover brothers are trying to live down the con-man reputation of their late father. But they can’t blame their father for all their problems in life—or in love…

Callen Hanover has led a tough life. But after years of roaming, he’s finally settled back home in Sweetwater to reunite with his brothers, and rebuild Shadow Hill, his grandmother’s crumbling home. The last person he expected to see at his door was Grace Pruitt—ex-girlfriend and partner to the FBI agent who’s determined to put Callen away.

Grace Pruitt is in town to save the two men she cares about the most—her former partner who seems to be on a downward spiral, and Callen, the man who ran before she could explain who she really was…or tell him some shocking news. Can the secrets of the Hanover family’s past be just the thing to save them all? Or is it already too late?

You can get Long Way Home here –




Find out more about HelenKay Dimon at her website –


Long Way Home is the third book in the series and there’s one more to come. I was actually talking to HelenKay the other day about how sad it is to see this series end. :( I guess she’ll just have to come up with another bunch of siblings to write about. :lol:


So what series are you hooked on? Do you prefer family or setting or job as the connection? Hit me up with some suggestions.


Recently Read & Recommend. #R&R


I’m starting a new regular feature here on the blog.

1 – to help me get my ass over here and blog more


2 – to talk about the thing all of us love most BOOKS!


I’ll be sharing a recently read book that I’d recommend to any fellow book lover. As you can see from the post title I’m calling it R&R. :)


Up first is a fellow Aussie author I got to meet in person for the first time at the Australian Romance Writers conference at the beginning of August. Claire Boston was so sweet and nice and while I’d had some connection with her online and I’d seen her first book I hadn’t picked it up. Meeting her made me WANT to read her book. Cool effect to have, right? Wonder if I can get that to rub off…… :lol: Anyway, let’s talk book!



What goes on tour, stays on tour … or does it?
Few people know that socially awkward Adrian Hart is actually rock God, Kent Downer, and that’s the way Adrian likes it. His privacy is essential, especially now that he has guardianship of his orphaned, ten-year-old niece, Kate. But when the nanny quits in the middle of his Australian tour Adrian finds himself in a bind.

Until Libby Myles walks into his life.

Libby has only ever wanted to become a full-time author and prove to her parents that she can make it on her own. On the surface, the temporary job as the nanny for Kent Downer’s niece looks perfect—the pay is fabulous, the hours are short and Kate is a big fan—it’s the rock star that’s the issue.

Arrogant and way too attractive for anyone’s good, Kent Downer has enough swagger to power a small city. But when he’s out of costume he’s different—shy and uncertain. For Libby it’s a far harder combination to resist. She needs to find a balance between work, writing and ignoring her attraction to the rock star, because if she falls for him, it could mean the end of her dream. 

But when a horrible scandal is unleashed—putting young Kate in danger—there’s more heat between Libby and Adrian than just sexual attraction. Libby must figure out if Adrian ever cared for her, or if it was all just part of the show … 

I loved the twist on a tried and true character. We’ve all read about rock stars. Kinda hard not to at the moment. They’re everywhere! But Claire’s rock star is different. He doesn’t have the usual alcohol or drug demons. Don’t get the wrong idea, he’s got demons but they’re…..different. :lol: You’ll have to read the book to find out how. :)


You can get What Goes On Tour  at the usual places –




Find out more info on Claire over on her website – 


So who’s read a book recently where the author put a twist on premise or the character? I’m looking for some recs so hit me with them.


Over at…… #contest

I’ve over at the IH blog all this week. Today I’m sharing a snippet of my wip. It’s exclusive never before seen by ANYONE! And I’m giving away a backlist title. Head over to find out how to enter. It’s easy I swear. :) 


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