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Secret Confessions: Backstage – Jet Release Day #NewRelease

He’s here! Have you gone backstage yet? #EscapeBackstage



Get you pass backstage at the following ‘ticket’ outlets. 😉

Amazon –

Barnes & Noble –

iBooks –

Kobo –

ARe –

Escape –

Don’t forget to check out the other great stories in the Secret Confessions: Backstage series


His Daring Moves Release Day! #NewRelease

Grady is finally here!


***This novella is set in the Carly Phillips Dare To Love Kindle World. It is only available to purchase from HERE!

A little bit of Grady – 

He leaned toward her, dipped his head until his mouth was near her ear. “I’m as real as it gets—and you’ll know that to your very bones before I’m done.”

Get your hands on Grady HERE!

CLICK HERE for more info on the Dare To Love Kindle World and scroll down. :)

And don’t forget to check out the other novellas releasing in the Dare To Love Kindle World today –


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A Kissing Dare by Yvette Hines –

Icy Dare by Aliyah Burke –

The Celebrity Dare by Kaira Rouda –

Lover’s Dare by N Kuhn –


What’s been going on?

Wow, it’s a while since I blogged. :(

Figured I should give you all an update. Things have been busy. I’ve been writing my fingers down to stubs trying to line up releases into next year and I have to say I’m hitting goals and there’s lots of new stories to look forward to.


In less than a month (September 22) you’ll be able to get your hands on Grady. He’s a hot football player with daring moves on and off the field. 😉 You can find out more HERE!

Next up (October 8 and just over a month away) is Jet. His story is part of the Secret Confessions Backstage series and this guy is one hot rocker. Lean more about him HERE!

I’ve got (fingers crossed) something I’m hoping to make happen in November but I can’t reveal anything on that yet. Don’t want to jinx myself. :)

In December we head back into the world of Frosty’s Snowmen. This year Chris Kringle has some Christmas magic to share. More info to come on him soon but I can say he’ll be on cybershelves everywhere on December 8.

Hopefully I’ll have some covers to reveal soon. I’m working with graphic artist Valerie Tibbs on them and let me just say that she’s rocking it and I can’t wait to show them off. :)

Oh, and it’s SPRING!! Yay! No more winter!! *happy dances*

And now, it’s back to work.


Cover reveal!

Plus blurb! :)



click graphic for more info

Yes! I’ve written another novella set in the Carly Phillips Dare to Love Kindle World. If you’ve read Her Daring Mistake (and if you haven’t why the hell not!) you’ll remember Sadie’s best friend Mel. If not, don’t worry. You’ve got time to read Her Daring Mistake before you get to know her better on September 22. :)


Cover Reveal – Giveaway – Secret Confessions: Backstage – Jet

If you subscribe to my newsletter you would have gotten a sneak peek last week but now I can finally reveal to the world the secret that I’ve been keeping. :) I’m doing another Secret Confessions series. This one is called Backstage and, yep, it’s about a rock band. The Screaming Tuesdays. The series will be released one story a week starting in September, and as I’m last cab off the rank, Jet will be out October 8.

So what’s it about? Read on –

An All-Access pass to Sex, Love, and Rock ‘N Roll. Because what happens on tour doesn’t always stay on tour…

From Australia to the World…

Chicago. The last stop of their wildly successful US tour sees Australia’s biggest rock band, The Screaming Tuesdays, in sultry, summer-time Chicago to play two sold-out shows. But the stage is not where the action is, and no one knows what goes on behind the scenes…


Jet’s never seen a woman project ‘No Touching’ quite so effectively as Charlie, the music journalist travelling with the band. He’s never been into the chase, but there’s something about Charlie that just won’t let him go. Now that the tour is winding down, there’s only one order of business left – an in-depth interview that’s about to go a lot deeper than either of them expect.


Of course you’re curious about the other books in the series too, right? Well check them out HERE!


The wonderful Eden Summers (who supplied me with this cool banner) is running a contest to celebrate the series/cover reveal for Backstage. Head over to her website HERE! for details on how to enter!

Dare You To: Hearts Are Wild Bk2 – Release Day!

Coop and Shaye are finally here! :)



Teaser –

Shaye knew laying out boundaries might mean Coop would walk away, but if she didn’t

protect herself, she’d be going back to Perth with a broken heart. Taking a deep breath, she gave him her list.

“No hooking up at our places. No strings. No dating. And this is over in a month.”

Coop eyed her for several long seconds. It took effort to keep breathing, to not hold her breath while she waited for him to say yes or no. She didn’t count on him arguing.

“First, I want you in a bed. Preferably tied to it.”

She shivered. Licked her lips. “Well, it won’t be mine. Or yours.”

“We’ll see. Second, we’re definitely not putting a time limit on this.”


“Nope. A month is not going to be enough time to get my fill of you.” He leaned towards

her. “And as for those strings, we’re already so tangled in them neither of us are getting out any time soon.”


“No.” He placed his finger against her lips. “You have your rules, I have mine. We’re

exclusive. While I’m fucking you, no one else is unless I invite them to share, and I have to tell you, Shaye, I’m so greedy for you that ain’t ever gonna happen.”

Available from –




What do you mean it’s May?!

OMG! I swear, there’s a hole in my life somewhere. I keep losing months. *sigh*

It’s been a busy few weeks here in the Cahill household. First we had Son#1’s wedding and not it’s Princess&thePea’s 21st.

Keep your fingers crossed things will return to normal (well as normal as we get) after this weekend.

In the meantime, here’s a gorgeous pic of my daughter-in-law and her bridesmaids.



Oh, and Son#1 and his groomsmen.



And yes, they wore the braces correctly for the ceremony.


Here’s one of all the Cahill’s with their partners.


They all scrub up well, don’t they? :)


Her Daring Mistake Release Party!

To celebrate the release of Her Daring Mistake and the other five titles out today in the Carly Phillips Dare To Love Kindle World we’re having a party!

Come join us on Facebook –

DTL KW2 - General Largev2



Winners are grinners. Until they have to share.

**Original post on International Heat**

So the other week the four Down Under Divas attended the Australian Romance Readers Convention. We took a road trip which Sami Lee shared with HERE! It was a great weekend and as Sami said in her post WE WON!!


The four of us received one of these.

Yeah, I don’t know about you but my math is good enough to work out four doesn’t go into one. :( So what? Shared custody? Should we hand it over every three months so we each get to put it proudly on our desks to admire while we work? I’m sure we could do that without fighting.


Okay, possibly not.

But never fear! The Australian Romance Readers Association agreed to have three more made up so we each could have one!


Don’t they look great all lined up together?

Sami took the one we received the other week home with her because as much as I’d like to drive up for a visit I don’t think Mr.C would be too happy if I took a 10hr car trip just to drop off an award. Jess and Lexxie live a lot closer so I’ll be heading out to see each of them next week to deliver theirs. 30 mins to Jess and 2hrs to Lexxie is of course acceptable trips as far as Mr.C is concerned. :)

So where in my office is my lovely sparkly award going you ask. Well…………I want to be able to see it while I work so it looks like I’m going to have to rearrange the whole office to find the perfect spot. 😉

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