Her Daring Mistake Release Party!

To celebrate the release of Her Daring Mistake and the other five titles out today in the Carly Phillips Dare To Love Kindle World we’re having a party!

Come join us on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/events/750949081679732/

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Winners are grinners. Until they have to share.

**Original post on International Heat**

So the other week the four Down Under Divas attended the Australian Romance Readers Convention. We took a road trip which Sami Lee shared with HERE! It was a great weekend and as Sami said in her post WE WON!!


The four of us received one of these.

Yeah, I don’t know about you but my math is good enough to work out four doesn’t go into one. :( So what? Shared custody? Should we hand it over every three months so we each get to put it proudly on our desks to admire while we work? I’m sure we could do that without fighting.


Okay, possibly not.

But never fear! The Australian Romance Readers Association agreed to have three more made up so we each could have one!


Don’t they look great all lined up together?

Sami took the one we received the other week home with her because as much as I’d like to drive up for a visit I don’t think Mr.C would be too happy if I took a 10hr car trip just to drop off an award. Jess and Lexxie live a lot closer so I’ll be heading out to see each of them next week to deliver theirs. 30 mins to Jess and 2hrs to Lexxie is of course acceptable trips as far as Mr.C is concerned. :)

So where in my office is my lovely sparkly award going you ask. Well…………I want to be able to see it while I work so it looks like I’m going to have to rearrange the whole office to find the perfect spot. ;)

Release Day! No More Talking #newrelease #HeartsAreWild

The first in my new Hearts Are Wild series is here! If you’ve read 7 Minutes In Heaven you know that Cassie Moreland is the youngest of six and the only girl. Yeah, that’s right, five older brothers! Anyway, after writing Cassie’s book I KNEW I’d have to go back and write about the Moreland boys. ;)

Zac is up first and he’s got the worst kind of dilemma. Not only has he fallen for a friend but she also happens to be his best friend’s little sister.


Available at

AMAZON – http://tinyurl.com/qxayk6r

SAMHAIN PUBLISHING – http://tinyurl.com/lwvdaah

iBOOKS – http://tinyurl.com/p33jcua

BARNES & NOBLE – http://tinyurl.com/oxn4ecp

KOBO – http://tinyurl.com/o9fydau

Are – http://tinyurl.com/n6kt65d

If you’ve liked me on Facebook you would have seen I’ve been sharing snippets all week leading up to today. Head over and check ‘em out.



I used to think I was good with change but it seems as though I’ve lost that skill somewhere along the way. Now every time a change happens or is suggested my stomach drops and there’s a split second of….nothing. It’s bizarre. But then the brain kicks back in and reason prevails (sometimes ;) ) and I’m all good again.

Speaking of change…….what do you think of the new look to my website? I love it! But I’ll be honest. I’m not sure it works. What say you?


Knowledge is Power 6

This is an interesting fact.


Standing for an hour burns 120 calories.


Hmmm……so those long lines are good for us?






Kissing for 1 minute can burn 26 calories.


Kissing lips.


Guess that’s a good reason to pucker up and put some effort into it. ;)


Knowledge is Power 5

In honor of my good friend Lila Dubois giving birth to a beautiful baby girl last week I’m sharing this particular fact for your learning pleasure. :)


On average, 12 newborns will be given to the wrong parents every day.




Let’s hope Lila didn’t experience this.


Virginia in print! #SydneyWives


Last year I had the pleasure of kicking off the Secret Confession: Sydney Housewives continuity with my title Virginia. Now Australian readers can get all 11 episodes in print! Hitting Aussie bookshelves March 1, 2015 will be these babies!





For those living outside Australia I’m not sure if these print editions will be available, sorry. If I find out they are available outside of Australia I’ll let you know. :)


Knowledge is Power 4

For those of us always crying there aren’t enough hours in the day did you know…….


A day ISN’T exactly 24 hours long?!


Here’s a little something to take your mind of that disturbing fact. And you’re welcome. :)





Knowledge is Power 3


Did you know……..




All I have to say is WHY?


Happy Birthday to ME!!



So, what did you get me? ;)


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