Re-released April 27, 2017

ISBN – 9781925375046

Genre: Contemporary Romance



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Dan watched Jody dash from the room and smiled. She might want to pretend there was nothing between them, but she couldn’t hide from her feelings any more than he could. He’d seen the tell-tale reactions her body had presented on more than one occasion over the last few weeks. He wanted to thank his lucky stars that they’d ended up thrown together this weekend, but that seemed horrible when he considered the reason she’d had to come along on this job. Then again, fate was fickle and he wouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.


He rolled his chair back and swung his feet up on the desk. He’d wait her out. She had to come back, and he’d been laying low long enough. Time to push her a little. Dan knew he was being arrogant in his approach. Figured she’d call him on it too, but he was enjoying the game. His usual MO when it came to women was simple. Get in, get out. The two long-term relationships—if a few months could be considered long—had been more a convenience than any real need. He wasn’t all that sure he liked the man he was.


With Jody, he wanted to savour the chase. His mother had taught him nothing worth having should come easy, and he should always strive to make something better than it was. That probably explained why he’d never stuck when it came to relationships. The women he’d dated had come easily, and those that hadn’t weren’t even a blip on his radar. But this women. Jody. She was different. Everything about her made him stand up and take notice. From the moment they’d been introduced, he’d felt the buzz.


At first, he’d been so set on disliking her—or the idea of her—that he hadn’t registered what was really going on. And if he were honest, he’d admit he’d still been blind right up until the instant he’d laid his lips on hers. He shook his head. Damn, he was an idiot. Blind. Stupid. Ignorant. Each word described him perfectly. Right up until the kiss. In that second, the fog had cleared from his mind and he’d seen with HD-technicolour clarity. Jody Walsh had rocked his world to its foundations. But if he was lucky—and God help him, he wanted to be—she’d help him build them back up again.


Oh, he knew it was too soon to think so seriously, but he’d had days to think about their chemistry, weeks to ponder the absolute rarity of such a connection, and there was no way around it. What he felt for Jody wasn’t just simple lust. He knew lust. Christ, he’d spent his whole adult life letting it lead him around by the dick. This was bone deep and raw edged. For the first time in his life, he felt as though he’d be missing out on something amazing if he didn’t get the girl.


Jody walked back in, her steps faltering when she saw him leaning back in his chair. “Oh, I thought you would be gone.”


Hoped more like it. “Nope.” He smiled. “Still here.”

She headed for her desk. Without looking his way again, she scooped up the file for the weekend job, pulled her bag from a drawer and turned to leave. “Bye.”


He could have predicted her snub. She’d made an art of ignoring him for the last three weeks, except he wasn’t about to let her get away with it any longer. He pushed out of his chair and met her near the door. “I’m heading out too.”


The scowl on her face said it all, and it took considerable effort and a bitten cheek to keep from grinning. Dan let her precede him through the door, let her lead the way downstairs, but once they made it to the bottom of the stairwell, he crowded close behind her. She picked up her pace, and this time there was no stopping the smirk from stretching his lips. When they neared the door, he scooted around her and opened it before she could. He waited for the I’m-capable speech. Women these days couldn’t seem to accept a kind gesture no matter how small.


“Thank you,” she murmured as she walked past.

His shock was so great it took him a second to follow. He’d expected her to lash out. God knows she never accepted his help when he offered. Suddenly she was thanking him for giving her a hand without asking? Dan wasn’t sure what to make of this latest shift in attitude, but he didn’t have time to dwell on it. He had something else he wanted to do before they parted ways. Hurrying, he caught her just as she reached her car.


“Hey.” As he’d hoped, she spun around, putting her back to her car, and he moved right in.




Dan lowered his head and slanted his mouth across hers.

Her lips parted as she sucked in a breath—his breath—and he took the opportunity to slide his tongue inside her mouth. The moan that issued from her throat had his blood racing and his balls tightening. Minty fresh, her taste exploded—saturated his mouth with memory and need. He’d wanted this for weeks. Days. Hours.



He tangled their tongues and pressed in closer. They touched from chest to thigh, and Dan wanted the barriers between them gone. Wanted to rip the clothes from their bodies and really feel her against him. Except that wasn’t going to happen here. There were enough brain cells still functioning for him to know that. Instead, he angled his hips, pushed his leg between hers and rubbed against her. She moaned into his mouth and he increased the pressure.



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