Bondi Beach Boys


Re-released: June 12, 2016

ISBN: 9781925375022

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance 








When she didn’t continue, Sam had a horrible thought, but before he could voice it, Nate almost fell out of his chair.

“You’re a virgin?”

“What? No!” Pip stared at Nate; heat flared in her cheeks and she quickly ducked her head again.

“Then what did you mean, ‘you’ve never done anything?’” Sam asked.

Her face flamed hotter. “I’ve had sex.” She swallowed over her dry throat and mumbled, “Just not much of it.”

Living her whole life in the same small town with three older brothers didn’t exactly lend itself to freedom of any kind. It was hard enough to date without everyone knowing about it, never mind actually having sex with a date.

“How old are you, Piper? Twenty-one, twenty-two?”

Piper’s head snapped up, her gaze locked on Sam’s. “Twenty-seven. Twenty-eight next month.” Her hackles rose at his skeptical look. “I can show you my driver’s license if you want proof.”

“No, that’s okay, I believe you. But to be honest I thought twenty-one was pushing it. I’d started to feel like a dirty old man.” He laughed.

She understood where he came from. Looking years younger than her age had always been a pain in the arse. Depending on what she wore, she still looked like a teenager, so her family treated her like one. She’d moved to Sydney to get away from the people who spent way too much time smothering her for her own good. The move had been about making her own choices and experiencing life how she wanted to, not how someone else said she should want to.

“So how many times have you had sex?” Nate asked. He’d been quiet since his last question.

“Umm…” Piper didn’t want these two sexy men knowing how few times she’d had sex. Crap, they’d definitely change their mind about wanting her if they knew, and she wasn’t about to let this opportunity pass her by. Two hot, gorgeous men wanted her in their bed. She could only imagine the things they could show her—do to her, with her. Moisture soaked her panties as her pussy clenched. She wasn’t a complete stranger to pleasure. Granted, most of what she knew she’d learned on her own, but still, she’d had orgasms.

Sam rescued her. “Maybe an exact number isn’t necessary. The question is, are you interested in having sex with us? Together?”

Both men watched her closely. She tried not to squirm but found it hard with her body on fire with the wicked images that had sprung to mind. With the sensations of their earlier attention still fresh, Piper wanted to rip off her clothes and throw herself on the floor in front of them. But a good amount of fear thrummed through her alongside the arousal, and she didn’t think jumping into this with both feet would be the right thing for any of them. There were other factors. For a start, they’d just signed a contract that would keep them in contact for the next twelve months. If something went wrong…

Piper had a lot to lose if things got messy, and sex always complicated everything. Damn. She really wanted to take what they offered. If she lived to be a hundred, she’d never get another opportunity like this one. With the small taste of what they could make her feel still vibrating across her nerves, she struggled to remain sensible. It would be so easy to fall into them and to hell with the consequences, but Piper had never been one to leap into anything without weighing all the possibilities.

“Your body tells us you want to say yes, Piper, but I think your mind is doing its best to stop you.”

She looked at Sam. He was right, of course. Her body screamed to accept, and honesty forced her to admit her mind was half convinced as well, but there still remained that one thing…

“This has no bearing on our contract,” Nate said. “Regardless of whether you say yes, the agreement is still binding, and we won’t hold it against you if you decline to sleep with us.”

Jeez, could they read her mind?

“And that goes the other way too. No repercussions if you say yes, either,” Sam added.

“No strings at all,” Nate finished.




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