Sand, Surf And Sunnie


Re-released October 3, 2017

ISBN – 9781925375107

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance








Chapter One

“Fucking bastard.”

Sunnie swung her arm in a wide arc and slammed the front door. The force rattled the walls and sent a gust of hot air sweeping through the hallway, lifting the hem of her dress.

“Stupid fucking rat!” Sunnie pushed her skirt down with one hand and threw her purse and keys in the general direction of the hall table with the other.

“Hey, Sunshine, date not go so well?”

Fuck! What the hell was Rand doing home? He and Z were supposed to be out tonight. Dammit, she wanted to lick her wounds in peace and quiet. Alone. Maybe she could ignore him and slink off to her—

“No point avoiding me. I’ll just come out there and fetch you.” Rand’s voice echoed off the walls.

With a sigh, Sunnie kicked off her high heels and cursed herself a fool for going to so much trouble with her outfit. “Fucking rat bastard!”

“What was that?” Rand yelled but—much to Sunnie’s relief—he didn’t come out of the living room. Yet.

Shit! She wasn’t going to be able to hide. Any minute Rand would follow through on his threat if she didn’t show her face, and making a run for her bedroom wouldn’t help. He’d only bash on her door then pick the flimsy lock to get in. It wouldn’t be the first time he or Z had picked a locked door. That was the problem with sharing a house with your two best friends. There was no privacy.


“Stop calling me that!” Sunnie stomped down the hall. Her bare feet made little impact against the hard tile surface but it was worth the effort just for the release of frustrated energy boiling inside her.

“Uh-oh. The date was that bad?”

Sunnie entered the living room to find Rand sprawled across the couch. His long, muscular body draped the leather cushions like a centerfold model, only with clothes on. Her insides stirred at the sight of all that male perfection. He held the TV remote in one hand and a beer in the other. She stalked over, plucked the bottle from his grasp and chugged down what was left. It was barely half full, but it was cold and wouldn’t take much more for her to get a buzz going. She had nothing in her stomach, after all. Her dinner date had been a bust on more than one front.

“Whoa. Slow down there, Sunshine. You know you’re a cheap drunk.”

Drunk! That’s exactly what she needed to be to forget her depressing, disastrous, nonexistent love life. “Got another one in the fridge? Never mind, stupid question. Of course you do.” Sunnie headed for the kitchen.

Leather squeaked as Rand scrambled to get off the couch and follow her. “Sunnie, sweetie, it can’t be that bad. You remember how horrible it was last time you got a little tipsy.”

Sunnie threw a glare over her shoulder. “Believe me, that hangover has nothing on the shitty way I feel right now.”

He grabbed her hand and pulled her to a stop. “Don’t. You’ll regret it tomorrow, Sunshine. Besides, he’s not worth it.”

“This isn’t about him. It’s about me! And stop calling me that!” Sunnie yanked her hand free and continued in the direction of beer-induced oblivion.

“You? What the hell?” Rand followed and scooted past to block her way. “What do you mean it’s about you?”

Rand stood with his arms crossed over his broad chest, his imposing six foot two frame ramrod straight. He should have been menacing and she supposed he would be to someone who didn’t know him as well as she did. Sunnie mimicked his stance. His gaze lowered, snagging on her breasts which, she noticed, were pushed up by her arms and threatening to spill over the top of her dress. Great. Just great. “Ahem.”

A smile teased his lips as his gaze met hers once more. “Sorry, Sunshine, but those beauties are a definite distraction to anyone with a cock. Probably for some without, too.”

“Rand!” Dammit, the last thing she needed was for him to start drooling over her girl bits. God! Her long-neglected libido would take Rand’s attention and run with it. With a sigh she dropped her arms. “Can I please get a beer?”

One brown eyebrow arched as he studied her. “Fine. But no getting drunk.”

“Spoilsport.” Sunnie poked out her tongue as he stepped aside.

She thought he groaned, but a glance over her shoulder revealed him heading back to the living room, his gorgeous ass on perfect display in his well-worn denim shorts. Warmth curled in her lower belly, but Sunnie did what she always had when it came to any possible signs of arousal for either of her housemates. Ignored it.

Opening the refrigerator, she scanned the contents for something to eat. If she had any hope of keeping to Rand’s no getting drunk decree she’d need something in her stomach to soak up some of the alcohol before it hit her bloodstream. She’d barely swallowed a bite of bread stick before her date had been ruined. Besides, a rummage in the fridge meant she could stall a little longer. She knew once she went back to the other room Rand would want full disclosure of her sucky evening.

There was nothing on the shelves except beer, half a carton of questionable milk, a block of fuzzy green cheese, and a plastic container with something that could have been edible at one time. Sunnie pulled out the vegetable drawer and instantly wished she hadn’t. The smell was nauseating. Pinching her nose and breathing through her mouth, she shoved the drawer closed. Where was all the food she’d bought the other week? Rand and Z had obviously eaten them out of house and home—again—and as usual, not bothered to replace anything.

“Fucking men!”

“Did you say something?” Rand yelled.

“Do you want another beer?” Sunnie called in her sweetest voice.

“No. I’ll share yours.”

Damn him. He really was serious about the no getting drunk thing. Sunnie sighed and grabbed a beer. She spun on her heel and bumped the fridge shut with her hip before heading back to the inevitable third degree Rand would subject her to.

She found him in the same position as before, but as she approached he scooted up to rest against the sofa arm. One of his legs dropped to the floor while the other remained stretched out along the cushions. He patted the seat between his spread thighs.

“Come on, Sunshine, tell me all about the latest unworthy male in a long line of unworthy SOBs.”

Sunnie’s step faltered, her stomach clenched, and her bottom lip trembled. Her eyes stung, moisture rapidly pooling to blur her vision. “What’s wrong with me?” The question slipped off her tongue before she could think better of it.

Rand dived off the couch. “Oh, no you don’t. Golden rule number one—no crying over the SOBs.” He wrapped his arms around her, tucking her against his chest.

Warmth surrounded her and—not for the first time—she cursed the fact she couldn’t fall in love with him or Z. Why weren’t there more men like them out there? But Rand was right; years ago after a particularly nasty bust up they’d made her promise to never cry over a guy again. Sniffing back her tears she tried to pull from Rand’s embrace.

“Don’t.” He tightened his grip. “Just let me hold you a second longer.”

Sighing, she leaned into him and soaked up the comfort he offered. For just a moment Sunnie allowed herself to absorb the carnal delight of being pressed to Rand’s hard body. Her double D’s were squashed into his chest and her nipples puckered at the contact. She gloried in the thrill his innocent hug delivered. At least, she did until she moved her hips and brushed against something hard. Something that wasn’t his hip and certainly wasn’t innocent.

Rand abruptly let her go and turned away. “Sit down, Sunshine. I’ll be back in a sec. Gonna grab a beer after all.”

Sunnie watched as he all but ran from the room. Okay, she may be emotionally strung out after her disastrous evening and pity-party frame of mind, but there was no way she’d misinterpreted the bulge in Rand’s pants. What the hell was going on? First he’s checking out her rack and now he’s getting a boner from holding her? Dumbfounded, she lowered herself to the couch, her gaze glued to the doorway he’d disappeared through, and waited for him to return.




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