One Night In Bangkok


Re-released November 15, 2013 (original release Apr. 2009)

ISBN – 9781310152139

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance 








The waitress stepped up beside her. About to order a drink, Beth watched in surprise as the woman placed a coaster, then a tall glass filled with an orange liquid and ice on the table in front of her. As the woman straightened, Beth snapped out of her stupor enough to speak.

“I didn’t order that.”

“No ma’am. It’s compliments of the gentleman over there.” The waitress turned and pointed to a man sitting on the other side of the room.

“Oh.” Lost for words, Beth turned her gaze to the drink before her.

When was the last time a man had bought her a drink? A man she didn’t know. She couldn’t even remember the last time she’d been in a bar. Beth reached for the glass, the cold surface slick and wet against her fingers. She plucked the little umbrella stabbed into a piece of pineapple from the top, brought the beverage to her nose and tried to distinguish the contents by smell.

“It’s the house specialty, a tropical fruit cocktail, ma’am. There’s no alcohol, just fresh fruit from the local region.”

Beth hadn’t heard the woman return and she jolted at the sound of her voice. As she jostled the glass, ice clinked and some of the cocktail sloshed over the side onto her fingers. She swapped hands and quickly brought her fingers to her mouth to lick up the runaway drink. The juice’s fresh sweetness burst across her tongue and she quickly lapped up the rest of the spill. As Beth slid her finger out of her mouth she glanced over at the man who’d sent the drink. Intending to send him a smile, her lips froze in half a curl when their gazes connected.

Her breath caught in her throat. He watched her with such rapt attention over the top of his drink that a shiver rolled through her. Too engaged with the man across the room she never noticed the waitress leave. Holding her gaze, he raised his glass in a silent toast. Beth could see the predatory gleam in his eyes and knew it was more than a simple toast, so when she raised her glass in response, she knew she’d just extended a silent invitation for him to join her.

The stranger kept his gaze locked on hers. With little effort he stood from his chair and stalked toward her. There was no way she would call it walking. No. He took each step like an animal hunts its prey. Measured, precise—driven. In no time he stood next to her, all lean, sexy, and breath-stealing. Even with his suit a little rumpled from the heat, on the surface he was all smooth, cultured businessman. It was the waves of testosterone pouring off him that had her sucking in a breath.

“May I join you?”

A shiver skittered down her spine and set her stomach quivering. His voice was a little rough, a little taut, like he strained to hold himself back. Beth offered him a slight nod and he wasted no time taking the chair next to hers. He placed his drink on the table, leaned closer and extended his hand. Reflex, training and manners had her putting her hand in his.

Cool and firm, his skin glided over hers. Pins and needles sped across her palm and up her arm. Startled, she breathed deep and her nostrils filled with his smell, a tickle of cologne, soap and warm male skin. Her blood raced and throbbed.

Eyes wide, she met his gaze, aware her nipples had gone rock hard beneath her blouse and moisture filled her panties. Their hands held for longer than was polite and she’d be a fool to ignore the caress he delivered as he let go. The quirk of a smile and the twinkle in his eyes told her he knew exactly what he was doing to her. She’d never responded to a man so quickly. Could her body be waking up from the deep freeze it had been in for the last six months?

Beth sat staring at him and wondered what it was about him that so excited her. His long fingers wrapped around his glass and she imagined how they would feel wrapped around a part of her body. Any part.

His skin was dark and the contrast his hands would make against her pale coloring gave her goose bumps. Her breathing went shallow and she knew her pupils were dilated. She was aroused. More aroused than she’d been in months, maybe even years.

She could easily imagine rolling around on a bed with this man. Imagine the thrust of his cock as he sank deep inside her clenching pussy. Heat flooded her. Cream flowed from her core and drenched her already damp panties.

Breathing deep, she tried to slow her pulse rate as he watched her with hungry eyes. Those dark, penetrating eyes did nothing to help her cool down. They fanned the flames higher, told her things he wouldn’t say out loud. Not here. Oh, she had no doubt he’d say them in private. Would she ever get to hear them?

Did she want to hear them?

“Maybe we should introduce ourselves? I’m Tom.” His smile bordered on little boy cheeky and had Beth’s own lips curling in response.


Something flickered in Tom’s eye when she said her name. Whatever it was, it was quickly covered with that sexy gleam he’d had trained on her since he sat down. No, that gaze had been on her long before he’d joined her.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Beth. I hope you don’t mind me buying you a drink, but you looked so hot when you sat down I knew you needed one of the hotel’s famous fruit cocktails.”

Was it her imagination or had he put emphasis on the word hot? His gaze roamed down to her chest where her nipples poked at the front of her blouse. Her breasts weren’t large, but her nipples were and they were definitely drawing his attention. She shifted in the chair and tried to make the fabric pull away from her skin, but only succeeded in thrusting her chest out towards him. In slow motion, Tom ran his tongue over his bottom lip. The gesture made her nipples ache painfully. Beth wanted that tongue wrapped around one while he used his hand on the other.

Arousal spiked through her belly, centered low and fanned out to fill her rapidly swelling pussy. Tom shifted his legs and Beth found her gaze drawn to his lap. His legs were thick, solid, and the material of his pants pulled tight across them and the impressive bulge sitting at the top of his thighs. How much larger would he grow? Tom cleared his throat and her gaze darted up to meet his. She didn’t miss the smile that curved his lips or the flared nostrils and dilated pupils. He was as aroused as she was.

Oh my God!

What was she doing? She was in a foreign country checking out a guy she didn’t know and getting so hot for him she was ready to jump his bones. She hadn’t let go of her emotion in public like this since…well, since she’d become Alexander Hollister’s fiancée. Keeping up the proper appearances in public, befitting that of a Governor Elect’s future wife, had put a stop to any and all of Beth’s naturally flirtatious personality traits.

Could she find herself again? She’d taken the new job in Phuket to do just that. But did she want to take this step? Maybe she should do something she hadn’t done in a long time—enjoy the moment and not worry about what anyone else might think. The press was no longer interested in what she did, not after she’d exposed the so-called ‘perfect’ Alexander Hollister for the lying, cheating son-of-a-bitch he was.

“That’s an evil little smile. Care to share what prompted such a grin?”

For a second she’d forgotten Tom sat across from her. “I was just thinking how revenge can be sweet.” She didn’t elaborate because he didn’t need to know the sordid details of her past.

“I can think of other things that are sweeter.” Tom’s gaze left her in no doubt about what he thought would be sweeter.

“Can you now? Care to share?” Beth couldn’t believe she was flirting. It had been so long and yet, like riding a bike, it seemed you never forgot.

“I’d prefer to show you.” Tom reached over and placed one finger on the back of her hand. With a light touch, he stroked up over her wrist and along her arm to the bend of her elbow. In the trail he left behind, the fine hairs lifted and stood like a crowd applauding a show. A tremor rippled through her.

“Oh, I, um…” Her throat constricted around her words.

Tom’s finger made a leisurely journey back to her hand. His touch sent her pulse skyrocketing and her temperature up to rival the heat outside. “Will you let me show you, Beth?”

She swallowed, her dry throat tight with need. Before she could think of an answer he was talking again, using his voice and his caress to win her over.

“Let me show you how sweet things can be. Show you the pleasure to be found in the simplest of things and help you ignore the unpleasantness that mars your life.” His fingers wrapped around hers. He tugged gently and her limp arm lifted as he pulled her hand towards his mouth. Light, feathery strokes of his lips graced the back of her hand. “I promise you pleasure greater than you’ve ever known.”

She tried to speak, but could only call forth a whimper of delight as he turned her hand and treated her palm to the warm, wet sweep of his tongue. Lost in the thrill of what he was doing to her hand—and in a domino effect, her entire body—Beth feared she would agree to anything he suggested as long as he didn’t stop.

“Have dinner with me.” He spoke against her skin and his breath fanned over the moisture left by his tongue. It cooled and heated at the same time as sparks of fire shot through her hand and up her arm leaving a trail of tingling starbursts in their wake.

Beth nodded and didn’t even think about what else she’d agreed to. The man oozed charm and no doubt his smooth ways had scored him numerous victories in his life, both personal and business. He twined their fingers and lowered their hands to his thigh.

There was no flare of triumph in his eyes, just a steady calm that spoke of the confidence he felt in his ability to get what he wanted. And what he wanted was her. He may have invited her for dinner but she’d be a fool to think he didn’t want to have sex with her. She might not have been in the dating scene for a few years but she knew a come-on when she received one.

“Do you always get what you want?” Beth asked.



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