Singapore Fling


Re-released November 15, 2013 (original release Aug. 2009)

ISBN – 9781310751417

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance 








“I’ll take a Singapore Fling, thanks,” she purred.

Saxon choked, fumbled with his menu, and cleared his throat. “I think you mean a Singapore Sling.”

“I know what I mean.” Carly waited a beat. “And I mean what I say.”

His Adam’s apple bobbed. He stared at her for a minute, studied her face, her eyes. When he finally turned to the waiter, he ordered two Singapore Slings. Placing his menu on the table between them, he reached into the tub of peanuts to grab a handful and leaned back in his chair to slowly shell them. One by one, he popped them in his mouth.

Carly sat mesmerized by the shift of muscles, the slide of long, lean fingers and large hands. Those babies could cover an awful lot of her flesh in one sweep. Or better yet, fill parts of her that ached to be filled. Vivid images of Saxon with his fingers buried between her legs exploded in her mind. She bit her lip and stifled the moan working its way up her throat. Warmth swirled in her lower belly.

One end of his mouth kicked up in a sexy grin that had her toes curling and her bones melting. In slow motion his tongue peeked out, slid between his lips from one corner to the other and left a glistening trail hers itched to follow. The pink muscle disappeared from view and Carly’s stomach knotted as the urge to lean over and suck it back out took hold. Those lush, kissable lips stretched into a full smile over straight white teeth that contrasted nicely against the red flesh surrounding them.

“So…you want a fling.”

Her gaze met his. The naked desire blazing in his blue eyes sent a shiver down her spine and blistering need burning in her pussy. He wanted her. There was no doubt in her mind, but would he do anything about it? With nothing to lose and everything to gain, Carly jumped in with both feet.

“Sure.” She shrugged. “But it would depend on who I was flinging with.”

“Really? So it’s not just any port in a storm?” he asked.

“No. I’m very picky about who I play with.” She let her gaze roam his body, taking her time, down over his chest and stomach to the noticeable bulge in his jeans. “It’s not something I do on a whim.”

“Do you normally proposition men in bars?”

“No.” In for a penny, in for a pound. “You’re the first.”

Now that she’d moved her hungry gaze from his crotch she saw the smile playing over his lips.

“Good. I’d hate to think this was a bad habit you have.” He watched her closely before adding, “I’d have to punish you if it was.”

Her eyes widened and her tummy lurched. “Punish?”

“Oh yeah. I’d turn you over my knee and spank that sexy ass of yours.”

Air rushed from her lungs and fluid seeped from her rapidly swelling pussy.

“I see you wouldn’t be adverse to such a thing. Good to know.”

The waiter placed their drinks on the table, saving Carly from commenting further. Her throat dry, she grabbed her glass, sucked on the straw and filled her mouth with the sweet alcohol-laced cocktail. She wasn’t sure what rattled her more—that Saxon wasn’t the buttoned-down man she thought he was or the arousal coursing through her at the thought of being spanked. As far as she was concerned anything that brought pleasure was fair game but she’d never gone down that road before.

“Slow down. We haven’t eaten yet, and on an empty stomach a Sling will get you drunk real quick,” Saxon said.

The straw slipped from her lips and she sucked in a deep breath. He was right, getting drunk wasn’t a good idea. Not if she wanted to get him into bed. She held the cold glass against her cheek but the icy chill did nothing to cool her off. In the six months she’d worked at Saxon’s company they’d never flirted. Not that anyone got past Brenda, his bitch of a personal assistant. That barracuda had just about foamed at the mouth when she found out Carly and the boss were flying to Singapore and would be alone together for over a week.

A smile of delight stretched her lips as she remembered the look on Brenda’s face. Carly had felt smug ever since.

“What has you grinning with evil intent?”

She looked at him and decided the truth couldn’t hurt. She’d always been a straight shooter in her professional and personal life, no point stopping now. “I was remembering the look on the personal assistant from hell’s face when you told her I was coming with you on this trip. She was less than pleased with the idea.”

“Probably because she knows I’ve watched you from the moment you walked through my office door. Unlike some, she knows lust when she sees it.”

Her mouth dropped open and she gaped like a stranded fish. Her jaw flapped along with her brain. He’d been watching her?

“Yes, Carly, I’ve watched you and thought of nothing but having you under me from the minute you arrived. So if you’re still up for that fling I’m more than happy to play with you.”


Saxon smiled as he took in Carly’s shocked expression. She thought she’d stunned him earlier with her fling comment. Not a chance. It was the pain from his instantly stiff cock pressing into his fly that had him choking on his own breath. He’d spent the last five days trying to think of a way to get her in his bed. Now that he knew she was more than interested in being there, he wouldn’t hold back. And once he got her there she’d be staying longer than the weekend. His gut told him getting his fill of her would take more than a fling.

Everything about her oozed sex, from the way she spoke to the way she walked. Oh, she might think she fooled everyone with those conservative business suits of hers, and most people were fooled, but he hadn’t been duped. She was made for sex. Hot, sweaty sex. His body had gone on high alert the second Carly Simmons sauntered into his orbit. He couldn’t think of her without his cock springing to life and hiding it at work hadn’t been easy.

How the fuck he’d kept his hands off her for the last six months was anyone’s guess. She had deceived him, in a way, because up until she lay down her very inventive come-on he’d been clueless of her desire for him. Good thing or he might have taken her on his desk at work. It had been tough enough not ordering her to bend over the paper-strewn surface or to push her to her knees every time she stepped in his office. Now it would be impossible.

He sipped his drink, the cocktail not what he normally ordered. He preferred straight scotch but after Carly’s little slip of the tongue he’d ordered them each a Sling. The silence between them had dragged on too long. If he wanted to keep the night and the rest of the weekend on track, she had to continue in the direction she’d started. He checked his watch.

“I figure we’ve got about forty-eight hours, give or take, before we have to be at the airport for our flight home. How ‘bout we go back to our suite and order room service for dinner. Make the most of the time we have.”

Waiting for Carly’s answer killed him. The zipper on his pants dug into the swollen flesh of his cock. The pain took the edge off his arousal or he’d have come in his pants with the images of what they were going to do running through his head. How would she react when he showed her what he was like in the bedroom? Right now she was turned on, her nipples poked against her top, and she’d been squirming in her seat since they sat down.

Her eyes were dilated and if she licked those plump red lips one more time he’d yank her across the table and lick them himself. She was aroused but would she take him up on his offer? He couldn’t wait any longer. He’d take the choice out of her hands. Putting his glass back on the table, he came to his feet.

“Come on. I’m through waiting.”




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