Going Down Hard


Released May 19, 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance

**Going Down Hard is a novella set in the Erin Nicholas Sapphire Falls Kindle World and only available on amazon.com**

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Sapphire Falls Kindle World FAQ

What is Kindle Worlds?

Kindle Worlds are collections of shorter stories that “spin off” from bestselling authors’ series. Erin Nicholas’ Kindle World is set in her bestselling Sapphire Fall series. The stories written in her “world” use settings and characters from her series but are brand new stories and her characters are not heroes and heroines in the new stories. They function as secondary characters (if they appear at all). The characters in these short stories may interact with those characters, or refer to them, or even events from her stories. However, these stories do not continue her stories, do not continue the series, do not use future characters from her series and these characters may or may not appear in her future stories.

Why do you call it KINDLE Worlds? What about those of us that use nook or idevices, etc?

Kindle Worlds were named by Amazon, who developed and now licenses them. They are an Amazon “invention” so yes, these stories are exclusive to Amazon/Kindle. HOWEVER, anyone can download the FREE Kindle app on their phone, ipad, tablet, computer or other device and can then get these stories! – http://amzn.to/28W5aaK

So, are Erin’s books only on Kindle/Amazon?

No. The Kindle World stories, the “spin-off” stories, are the only ones that are Kindle exclusive. You can find all of Erin’s books at all book retailers!  More on Erin’s books here: http://www.erinnicholas.com/

Does Erin know you’re doing this and using her stories and character? Isn’t that a copyright infringement or something?

Erin definitely knows all about this! 🙂 She contracted with Amazon to create a Kindle World from her Sapphire Falls series and she has personally communicated with every author who has written a Kindle World story. In fact, she’s read all of the books! She’s very happy to have her Sapphire Falls world as a Kindle World! 🙂

Did Erin have any input as to how she wanted the story to go?

Erin is better than awesome! She really let us do our own thing. There are some “guidelines” we followed and she was great about answering questions AND she read the books when they were done but she was very cool and really wanted our stories to be our own!

If I haven’t read any of Erin’s Sapphire Falls series, will I be confused?

No. These stories are all stand alone. But they will be a lot more fun if you’ve read Erin’s Sapphire Falls books.

Can they be read as stand alones? Will I be totally lost if I can’t read them all?

Yes, they are all stand alone stories and no, you will not be lost at all! You can read in any order and any number of them 🙂 They are more fun if you’ve read Erin Nicholas’ Sapphire Falls series but you don’t even have to do that. They’re all fun, sexy short stories all on their own.

Will any characters from your previous books make an appearance in the Kindle world book?

Yes! Erin’s Sapphire Falls Kindle World allows me to use characters and Going Down Hard actually features two of the Moreland men from my Hearts Are Wild series.

Will the characters ever show up in another Rhian Cahill book?

Yes! The Sapphire Falls Kindle World allows me to use my own characters so there definitely will be crossover between characters you see in Going Down Hard and my Hearts Are Wild series.

Do you work with the other authors in the Kindle World series to see if your books coincide (or to make sure there aren’t double secondary character names)?

Yes and no 🙂 Some do, some don’t but as they’re all stand alone novellas you don’t need to read them in any order.

Will you write any more for the Sapphire Falls Kindle World series, or is it a one-time deal?

It’s a possibility! I have a lot of other projects that need attention first, but this was a really fun project and I’m so happy I did it!

Are they full length?

No, they are novella length. About half the length of a “regular” novel.

Are they available for pre-order?

Unfortunately (and for reasons we don’t understand) the Kindle World stories are not available for pre-order.

Why are they so expensive?

Amazon sets the price on these books. We have no control over this.

Why can’t people who don’t use Kindles get these books?

The Kindle Worlds (and there are many) are an “invention” of Amazon’s, so they hold all the rights. That means that you have to have a kindle OR a Kindle app (FREE!) on one of your devices!

I’ve heard that people outside of the US can’t get these books, even if they have a Kindle?

This is also a decision Amazon has made that we don’t have control over. Yes, the Kindle Worlds are exclusive to Amazon US… **However** we understand that if you have (or get) a US Amazon account (meaning Amazon.com versus Amazon Canada/Australia/UK etc, you can get these books and our understanding is that anyone can open an Amazon.com account. They may try to redirect you to your home country but you can override that.

We have not confirmed this, but it may be worth looking into.

Erin has some FAQs and info on her website too!  Right here – http://erinnicholas.com/sapphirefalls_kw.html

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