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My apologies for last week’s snippet being missing. My site was hacked and I’m in the process of rebuilding it and I completely forgot that all the scheduled post I’d done for Snippet Saturday were lost in the hack. 🙁


Anyway, this week is author’s choice so I’m sharing a snippet of my Christmas novella – Christmas Wishes. Enjoy.



She glanced over at the storeroom door. He still hadn’t come out and Talli began to panic that he’d left while she was getting changed. Weaving through the chairs, she headed across the room. Before she knocked, Talli put her ear to the door, but she couldn’t hear anything. Straightening, she brought her hand up and tapped her knuckles on the door twice.


Scuffling came from behind the barrier before it opened an inch.

“Are you ready?” Talli glanced at the big clock on the wall behind her. “We’ve got ten minutes before they start bringing in the parents.”

“I can’t wear this getup in public,” Dean growled.

“It’s not that bad.”

“Yes it is.”

“Oh, c’mon.”

“See for yourself.” Dean cracked the door wider and his big hand shot out to wrap around her wrist. With a hard yank, he pulled her inside and slammed the door.

Talli stumbled forward and grabbed a shelf to keep from face-planting on the linoleum floor. “Jesus, Dean, take it easy.” She gained her balance and spun around.

She tried not to laugh, and only managed by sinking her teeth into her bottom lip. He looked like a red and green candy cane. The tunic-style top molded to his chest like paint. Every ridge, every slope, every gorgeous centimeter of his buff torso was outlined for the entire world to see. Laughing was suddenly the furthest thing from her mind. He tugged at the hem. “It’s too small. The damn thing is made for a midget.”

Dean certainly wasn’t a midget. At six foot five inches he fell more in the giant category. Talli surveyed the top. It should have reached his thighs but the shirt barely brushed his belly. Overall it wasn’t that bad, definitely too small, but it should be okay as long as he didn’t move around too much and split a seam. Her gaze was drawn to the section of flesh just below the shirt and above the green pants. He’d be flashing his washboard abs for anyone caring to look and the tights were a little…

Oh god.

Talli tried not to stare. Tried to take a breath, but couldn’t. Tight didn’t begin to describe the pants. She’d thought his chest was well displayed. His top half had nothing on the bottom. He was packing to the right. And oh dear lord was he packing. Sweat broke out on her skin, warmth pooled in her lower belly, and all her girly bits stood at attention. Like every other part of him, Dean’s cock was on the large size. Extra large. Her mouth watered, her sex clenched, and her breasts grew heavy, her nipples hardening.

This was the closest she’d come to seeing Dean naked since the eighth grade when they’d gone skinny dipping in the local lake. He hadn’t been as well developed then. Or as big. She swallowed, her throat dry as a desert and just as rough. A strangled moan caught in her chest. All the air seemed to have been sucked from the tiny room. Talli licked her lips and tried to speak. The noise that emerged sounded like a frog – one suffering from strep throat.

Dean moved closer. He leaned down and put his face next to hers, his mouth brushed her cheek, his warm breath flowing over her skin, tickling her ear. “You keep looking at me like that and there’s absolutely no way I’m going to be leaving this room without getting arrested.”

Her gaze met his as a shiver traveled down her spine. Heat blazed in his dark brown eyes, the amber flecks sparking. “I…I…” Talli had no idea what she meant to say.

He stepped away and swept his hand through the air from his chest to his thighs. “I’m not going out there in these.”

Talli shook her head. “No, no, you can’t go out there dressed like that.” Not if I and every other female in the room are going to remain sane.

Her gaze searched the room and landed on the jeans crumpled on the floor. They were rucked up as though he’d pushed them down and stepped straight out. Only something wasn’t right. She moved her gaze across the floor to Dean’s bare feet. Slowly she raised her eyes up his legs. The green material stretched over his calves, drew thinner over his knees and clung to his thick thighs and narrow hips. And that’s when it hit her.

No panty line.

As a woman she was intimately acquainted with panty lines. Talli glanced at his jeans and back again. She sucked in a breath as a shudder racked her, quickly followed by a wave of heat.

“Are you commando?” she whispered.


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