Dare You To: Hearts Are Wild Bk2 – Release Day!

Coop and Shaye are finally here! 🙂



Teaser –

Shaye knew laying out boundaries might mean Coop would walk away, but if she didn’t

protect herself, she’d be going back to Perth with a broken heart. Taking a deep breath, she gave him her list.

“No hooking up at our places. No strings. No dating. And this is over in a month.”

Coop eyed her for several long seconds. It took effort to keep breathing, to not hold her breath while she waited for him to say yes or no. She didn’t count on him arguing.

“First, I want you in a bed. Preferably tied to it.”

She shivered. Licked her lips. “Well, it won’t be mine. Or yours.”

“We’ll see. Second, we’re definitely not putting a time limit on this.”


“Nope. A month is not going to be enough time to get my fill of you.” He leaned towards

her. “And as for those strings, we’re already so tangled in them neither of us are getting out any time soon.”


“No.” He placed his finger against her lips. “You have your rules, I have mine. We’re

exclusive. While I’m fucking you, no one else is unless I invite them to share, and I have to tell you, Shaye, I’m so greedy for you that ain’t ever gonna happen.”

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