Disappearing books.

If you haven’t already noticed I’ve removed a couple of my novellas from my book page. This is because the publisher they are available through (Noble Romance) is in the process of closing its doors. Over the next month or so these books will be removed from all points of sale and once this occurs I’ll be able to organize getting them re-released under my own name. I haven’t decided whether I’ll re-edit them or release them as is just yet but I’ll be sure to tell you either way once they’re back on the cyber shelves.

The closing of this particular publisher hasn’t come soon enough. I’ve fought for months to have my rights returned due to breaches of my contracts but have been treated in less than a business-like fashion and I’m glad to finally be able to see the light at the end of this particular tunnel.

In the meantime there’s still plenty of my books available AND I have a novel and novella scheduled for release in December, plus a slightly ‘secret’ project that I should be able to talk about soon. 🙂

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