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I’m in the edits cave. Red Light, Green Light will be out November 11 but not if I don’t get these edits done. 🙂 If you missed all my shout outs on Facebook and Twitter the last few days then you missed the release of the Hot Down Under Bundle 1 that my short story Shut Up And Kiss Me is in. You can find out all the details HERE! But I can’t resist showing off the cover again. 😉




Damn that thing is hot! *fans self*


Anyway, other than edits I’m putting the final touches on Pass The Parcel which will be released at the end of June in the Down And Dirty box set. I’m also madly adding words to Exposed which will be releasing late August if all goes to plan. I’ve also signed the contract for the story I’ve dubbed the Super Secret Squirrel story. 🙂 I still can’t reveal what exactly it is but I can say it’s super hot erotic contemporary romance at its best! Oh, and it’s out November 6 so mark your calendars.


I have other stuff but as I’m in the edits cave (no, really, that’s where I am) I’ll have to cut this short. 🙂 But I promise once I’m done I’ll do a post on my recent US trip.

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